Modern Kitchens

Discover Stosa's modern kitchen collections, easily customised by combining different materials, finishes, colours, handles, and even worktops. Choose the modern kitchen of your dreams.

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Stosa Cucine boasts a vast range of high-design, top-quality modern kitchens, the result of a long tradition in kitchen furniture and constant commitment to innovation in style and functionality. All Stosa modern kitchens are 100% made in Italy and can be customised and configured as needed to maximise design flexibility in the heart of the home.
Stosa modern kitchens are designed for those who appreciate today's rigorous, essential lifestyle as expressed by clean, minimalist lines and elegant, compact kitchen furniture. Stosa modern kitchens let you specify various new materials (glass, wood, HPL, etc.) as well as original finishes. With their original approach to modularity, Stosa modern kitchens also offer increased storage capacity and functionality.
Particularly flexible and versatile in terms of configuration, Stosa modern kitchens create highly liveable environments. They can be arranged in a straight line, with all

functional elements, wall units, worktops and domestic appliances aligned logically along one wall, or installed in a corner configuration (often including a peninsula) with elements facing each other for easier access to the cooking area. Modern kitchens often use peninsulas or islands to create living and cooking areas in the same open space, with food preparation and conviviality spreading naturally from kitchen to dining room and vice-versa.
Stosa's modern kitchens provide ample opportunity for chromatic variations based on different shades of white and grey, material looks and deep, natural finishes like real wood. And there's plenty of opportunity to customise your kitchen with brighter tones like red, yellow, green and other eye-catching colours. Stosa modern kitchens are the ideal choice if you want to add details and furnishing complements in contrasting tones and create a continuous, dynamic composition of lively but consistent colours.