“Building a new company based on respect for people and the environment.”

Stosa has been producing quality Italian kitchens for 60 years. Our products are recognised and acclaimed worldwide for their innovation and design. Alongside excellent products, Stosa is determined to show its care for people and the environment in a practical manner by publishing this first Sustainability Report.
This document expresses the commitment of Stosa Cucine and its founders, the Sani family, to serving as a positive force in support of employees, the local community and area, and the environment, which needs virtuous actions and constant protection today more than ever before.

Read Stosa’s Sustainability Report

Sustainability Report

The report has been written according to GRI methodology, the world’s most respected system for measuring and assessing impacts, based on 100 ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) indicators. The document establishes three-yearly targets for improvement that Stosa undertakes to achieve in the fields of:

– product reliability, quality and customer satisfaction
– talent development and training, through support for young people and students, and investment in continuous training for employees
– communication of the values associated with sustainability
– innovation and development, with the aim of identifying and implementing new ways of working and new places of work
– support for the local area with a view to establishing stronger and broader ties with the community

Read Stosa’s Sustainability Report


Stosa has always cared for the environment and has made various choices in pursuit of sustainability, such as:

– the installation of a 1.5 MW photovoltaic system that covers over 33% of the company’s current electrical energy needs
– significantly reducing energy costs and emissions: the energy needed to produce one kitchen has been cut by 13% and CO2 emissions have been cut by 33%
– maintenance of FSC certification for over 12 years and COSMOB certification for circular manufacturing
consolidated partnerships with companies that share the same principles of sustainability
Furniture Pact, a pact between companies in the Italian furniture supply chain to which Stosa has subscribed with the aim of promoting sustainability and taking practical steps to reducing impacts on people and the environment.
Construction of Stosa Green Park, an Industry 4.0 Smart Factory that will cover a fully reclaimed area of 150,000 m2, designed and built with sustainable development in mind and equipped with an additional photovoltaic energy system.
Construction of a fluvial park to improve the workplace and make it a healthy and pleasant environment.
Incentivisation of sustainable mobility by installing electric vehicle charging columns, for use by employees and the company’s own all-electric vehicles.

Social responsibility

The report demonstrates Stosa’s great sense of responsibility for social issues, health, sports and welfare, a commitment that has won the company WHP (Workspace Health Promotion) certification, a World Health Organisation programme for promoting health through good working lifestyles.

Corporate welfare

Stosa Cucine supports a project run by the Tuscany regional council which offers employees a chance to participate free of charge in courses promoting a healthy diet and discouraging smoking.
Stosa also provides a free canteen service that saves workers around €1,350 annually, and pays various bonuses over the course of a year.

Community welfare

Stosa supports the local area and community through sponsorships and donations. Over 20 local groups and associations received funding in 2022, including schools, sports clubs and charities such as the Tommasino Bacciotti Foundation. The kitchens installed in the Foundation’s homes have been donated by Stosa since 2021.
A social activity management system has also been put in place to identify and participate in social sustainability projects with reliable partners who share Stosa’s aims and values and who clearly understand the needs of the community.


The figures found in the report highlight Stosa’s commitment to growth and investment: over 93% of generated economic value is redistributed to employees and suppliers, used to cover operating expenses, taxes and finance costs, and donated to the local community.
Economic growth has led to a significant increase in the number of people employed. Many new jobs have been created in recent years and yet more are planned for 2025.

Stosa Green

Our sustainable production system and our approach to work have always been inspired by respect for the environment, ethics and transparency.
In line with our company culture at Stosa Cucine, we pursue practical strategies aimed at making production increasingly sustainable, respecting environmental resources and people, and offering a certified product with minimum impact on the natural ecosystem.

Ethics, authenticity and sustainability have always been central to every phase of our work and form an integral part of our company culture.

In a continuous quest for a better future, Stosa has implemented a series of important strategies targeting environmental sustainability in all activities and processes. We invest heavily in energy efficiency and waste reduction and select only environmentally friendly materials, including wood from responsibly managed forests that is fully traceable and respects the strictest standards.

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