Living area furniture

In addition to kitchens, Stosa’s unique style also extends to the living area.

Furniture, volumes and finishes dialogue to create modern and functional living spaces in perfect character with the kitchen

Designs for living

Suspended base cabinets support your TV while closed wall units and open displays form attractive equipped walls: Stosa furnishing elements are multi-functional by design and adapt to all kinds of domestic space.

Stosa living zone furniture can turn your lounge into the perfect relaxation and conviviality area thanks to surfaces that make a clever use of light.

Kitchen, dining area and lounge become a single space

More and more people are choosing kitchen and lounge furnishings that maintain continuity of style. Furnishing both areas with coordinated elements and finishes is the best way to achieve a balanced, unified look, especially with open space kitchens.

Harmonious styling and coordinated colours across different areas make your home more welcoming and allow kitchen and lounge to form a single, connected living space.

Equipped walls: bookcase, TV cabinet and cupboard space

Stosa’s lounge furnishings include equipped walls that can serve as TV cabinet, bookcase, storage space and ornament display.

Stosa lounges stand out for their well-defined geometric lines, balanced colours and lightweight, elegantly proportioned compositions that leave plenty of space for movement.

Living area shelves

A wide range of shelving units means that the lounge walls can be equipped to full height. Shelves provide useful space and complement the lounge furniture. They come in all your favourite styles too: minimalist, industrial, contemporary, rustic, classical, Nordic.

These essential furnishing elements match your kitchen and create a sense of continuity.

Home office solutions for a complete lounge

Wall compositions can provide everything you need for a smart home office. With Stosa, you can customise your own workstation with open elements, backs and chairs. Stosa’s highly flexible design system guarantees complete freedom in the configuration of individual elements.

Workstations can be permanent, complete with boiserie and table or temporary, with pull-out tables, peninsulas and stools. Stosa offers a choice of solutions for all your needs, so working from home can be practical and productive without impacting style.

Sideboards: the evolution of a traditional furniture item

In multi-purpose lounges, sideboards provide space to store dishes, books and other objects needed for daily life, combining functionality with appearance.

The sideboard is a piece of furniture with a long tradition, but now assumes a modern form. Essential lines, decisive shapes and a multi-functional character.

Bookcases: design and functionality combined

Adding a bookcase to the lounge gives the room a refined touch and completes your furnishings. Steel or wood bookcases can be adapted to all spaces and styles.

If you prefer a more minimal look and do not need a bookcase that fills an entire wall, you can choose a suspended unit. Less space but more design content!

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