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Kitchen is the fundamental based to catch the real value of a house. A modular kitchen is able to enhance the true potential of a kitchen thanks to its most important feature: versatility.

Stosa, Company Profile (ITA)
Stosa Aliant
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Stosa Metropolis
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Secret of Steam with Ernst Knam

Eclair Craquelin con Foresta Nera
Soufflè alla vaniglia su composta di lampone, timo e limone

Spot TV

Stosa Storie 2018 – Spot TV 30″
Stosa Storie – Backstage Spot TV/strong
Stosa Mi Piace! – Spot TV 2013
Backstage Spot TV Stosa cucine
Stosa Mi piace! 2013 backstage
La Vera Cucina Toscana – City
La Vera Cucina Toscana – Spot TV 2015

Video Recipes

I Love Tokyo
I Love Tokyo – Chawanmushi
I Love Tokyo – Onigiri
I Love Tokyo – Orsetto con coperta
I Love Tokyo – Tsukune
Maialino di cinta senese con lardo e polenta fritta
Pappa al pomodoro di mare, con tartare di gambero rosso marinato
Pappardelle cavolo nero, cozze e pecorino toscano
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