Classic kitchens

Stosa's classic kitchen collections are the ideal choice for all those who love traditional style, quality and genuine Italian taste. All our classic models can adapt to your tastes and to the dimensions, materials, finishes and colours of your home. Choose the classic kitchen of your dreams.

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Stosa Cucine boasts a vast range of prestigious, high-design classic kitchens, inspired by decades of experience in furniture making and produced by the skilled hands of Italian craftsmen.
Stosa's classic fitted kitchens are 100% made in Italy and are thoroughly customisable to ensure maximum flexibility and versatility in kitchen configuration.
Stosa classic kitchens feature timeless styling based on a love for wood and for the flowing lines of traditional Italian design, enriched by prestige finishes, decorative details, inlays and precious handles. These warm and welcoming kitchens are also highly innovative in terms of functionality. In some models, the classic look tends towards country styling to create kitchens with a rustic, lived-in look, classic at heart but with a modern feel.
Other configurations have a more neutral, contemporary look and are better able to embrace lighter,

simpler furnishing styles featuring elegant but innovative volumes, advanced functionality and rich details like lift-up doors, standard and double height drawers and generous worktops. From a layout point of view, classic kitchens are most at home in straight-line, 'L' shaped and island configurations, depending on the space available.
Wood is always the leading protagonist in a classic kitchen, complemented by other materials used mainly for worktops and food preparation surfaces.
Marble or granite are popular choices for classic kitchen worktops, with veining or elegant, refined patterns.
The favourite colours for this type of kitchen, chosen from Stosa's extended colour palette, include delicate shades and, at the opposite extreme, dark colours and even black. Stosa classic kitchens also come in various shades of white (butter, cotton, etc.), in natural wood (oak and other essences), and in powder pink.