Unprogetto per Stosa

“unprogetto per Stosa” is the webpage written by Carlotta Berta, a structural engineer who deals with interior design and idecoration.
Founder of unprogetto.com, a bilingual blog dedicated to interior design and lifestyle, Carlotta will tell the point of view of a professional who every day needs to find the most effective solutions to combine functionality and design.

The beauty of a total white kitchen

As a designer, I always look for interesting solutions and new functions, whereas, as a blogger, I tend to discover the last trends as far as the kitchen world is concerned. I would have never thought that a total white kitchen could strike me as strong: this new composition of Colour Trend deeply moved me, for...

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Kitchen trend: white and wood

As an interior designer, I often reflect on the current trends and the way they can turn into real ways of living. Fairs, magazines and catalogues make me observe which trends are actually telling a way of life. While browsing Stosa Cucine magazines, I focused on the tendency of designing kitchens with a strong relation...

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Kitchen handles: endless possibilities

Whenever I have to choose a kitchen with a customer, a lot of decisions have to be taken together. One of the most complicated, and even the most neglected is the choice of the handles, or better the system of the kitchen’s handles. Yes, because knobs can’t be chosen without considering the new handless system...

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Kitchen and living: two places in a single place

As interior designer, I often have to deal with different types of open spaces, which combine in a single space the kitchen and the living room. Except for very rare cases, where the costumer wants separate rooms for kitchen and living room (often thanks to a glass partition), one of the most common sentence I...

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