Stosa wins the Special FSC® Communication Award

Stosa won the Special FSC® Communication Award in the first European edition of the FSC® Furniture Awards, presented by the Forest Stewardship Council to FSC certified companies in the indoor and outdoor furniture sector.

The presentation took place on Thursday 25 November in an online ceremony. The winners of all six furniture categories were announced by a jury made up of representatives from FSC offices in 11 participating countries (Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, and the United Kingdom). A special mention was also assigned. The event was preceded by a round table on the use of wood from certified sources, which saw the participation of representatives of FSC International, international NGOs, forestry operators, retailers and journalists, chaired by the BBC’s design star, Oliver Heath.

Stosa won the FSC Italian Furniture Award in the kitchens category last year, in 2020. The 2021 edition of the FSC Furniture Awards is the first to have a European dimension, and focuses attention on a decidedly positive trend towards sustainability in the furniture sector: in November 2021, a quarter of over 20,000 companies in FSC certified European supply chains belong to the indoor and outdoor wood furniture sector.

”We are well aware that our production processes can impact the environment. This is why we want our whole supply chain to demonstrate the same level of attention to sustainability as we do. We first became FSC certified in 2012. Today we are a partner of FSC Italy and are working towards an extremely important target – that of offering products made exclusively from certified materials to customers all over the world,”  explains Leonardo Sani, Stosa’s Export Sales Director.

The award received by Stosa Cucine demonstrates the Tuscany-based company’s commitment to promoting FSC values through its communication strategy.

We particularly appreciate the category in which we have won, because it makes us feel rewarded not only for our choices but for our commitment to promoting a culture we would like to see more universally accepted. For us, it is fundamentally important for consumers to understand that the purchase of a top quality, properly certified product contributes to a far larger project that can make a difference to the world in which we live,” affirms David Sani, Sales Director for Italy.

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