In addition to the kitchen, Stosa’s unique and modern style also conquers the living room.

The rooms are in dialogue through the furniture, geometries, and finishes, maintaining the specificity of their functions.

Designs to experience

The floorstanding bases hold the TV while the closed and open wall units create equipped and decorative walls: the Stosa elements are designed to be multifunctional and to adapt to all types of spaces.

Smooth Bianco Opaco polymeric base units. Smooth Papaya Lucido polymeric wall units. Open elements for lacquered Verde Oliva Opaco wall units.


Kitchen, dining area, and living room blend into a single environment without net distinctions.

Textured Rovere Nodo Naturale polymeric lowered base units and shelf. Tetris elements with textured Rovere Nodo Naturale polymeric sliding door lacquered with Fango Opaco on the inside. Smooth Rosso Borghese Opaco polymeric tall units. Open compartment for tall unit and lacquered Peltro Jolly Evo element Joy Tetris element on lacquered Fango Opaco lowered base units. Peltro PVC plinth. Lacquered Peltro groove.


Equipped walls a little bit bookcase, a little bit tv furniture, a little bit container…

Clay laminated base with matt varnished Frost wall units. Liberty elements in Fenix as shelves.


Iron Supermatt base units Rovere Sabbia and glossy Bianco Puro wall units.
Glossy Bianco Opaco Tetris elements and Jolly Evo elements with Bianco Opaco glossy inserts, in Rovere Sabbia and in Supermatt Iron.



Lowered base units:matt Tortora opaco polymeric. Tetris sliding wall unit with Laccato Piombo structure and Rovere Tibet door. Tortora lacquered Joy element. Rovere Tibet polymeric back panel.


In the living room, minimalist furniture that matches the kitchen helps create a space that transitions smoothly.

PET Cachemere Opaco Base units and shelves, RovereDeserto back panel and shelves .



Home Office solutions complete the kitchen

Above: Fenix Rosa Colorado Back panel and shelves, Verde Oliva open elements . Bianco lacquered Jolly Evo Element with Olmo Lapponia inserts.

Right: Lux Carta Zucchero Supermatt suspended base units. Olmo Bianco laminate top and back panel. Jolly Evo open wall unit, Piombo lacquered with Lux Carta Zucchero Opaco Supermatt interior. Zedy stool.

Suspended Grigio Daytona Opaco polymeric base units, Blu Violaceo Lucido glass wall unit (Aliant model).




Madie New MUST


In the multi functional living room suspended volumes and sideboards offer space for books, objects, and much more, combining functionality and aesthetics.



New sideboards with Diagonal base furnish the kitchen area and living room.

Practical storage and furnishing elements.

Side board with Palomino base, Titanio groove and Peltro finished base.


Lux Rosso Mattone finished sideboard, Titanio finished base. Diamond handle Titanio finish.

Verde Riace Opaco polymeric sideboard. Peltro finished base. Naked handle.

Tobacco oak sideboard and brass finished base. Rewind built-in handle. Lacquered Verde Oliva Opaco metal open elements.