Stosa kitchens are designed to make life better by furnishing space with high-design, top-quality products. Stosa's vast range of classic and modern kitchens is sure to satisfy your needs and make your home more welcoming and personal.

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The kitchen is the busiest room in your home. That is why Stosa Cucine offers solutions and environments designed to add value and enjoyment to the time you spend there. How to choose a kitchen? When you decide to install a new kitchen, always remember the three essential qualities that any good kitchen must have: functionality, practicality and good ergonomics. Bearing these qualities in mind, you can now decide on the style of your kitchen furniture. In most case this means choosing between classic and modern designs. Your choice of kitchen furniture should generally be coherent with the furnishing style of the rest of your home. The furniture, colours and lighting of the day zone should be the main influence on your decision to choose a classic or a modern kitchen. The next step is to decide whether you want to maintain a certain stylistic continuity or go for contrast. If you like the traditional look of wood and solid, harmonious lines, a classic kitchen is your best choice, as it is sure to create a warm, welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. If, on the other hand, you prefer a modern style based on essential lines and the latest compositions, you should focus on a modern kitchen with elegant, minimalist and rigorous looks.

Whether you choose classic or modern, Stosa's versatile, flexible solutions are sure to add value to your home's most important space. Stosa's modular collections are the ultimate expression of comfort and convenience in the kitchen. The key characteristic of a fitted kitchen is the availability of a wide range of modules with different designs and finishes to cover all budgets and to satisfy all possible needs for size, style, material and durability. When choosing a fitted kitchen, bear in mind that all items of furniture must be robust, practical, long-lasting and safe for all the family to use. You should always select the best possible materials for your kitchen's structure (normally wood, treated and assembled as needed), for its doors and profiles (wood, steel or glass) and for its worktops (laminate, quartz, stainless steel, natural stone and other materials).