Stosa Cucine won the FSC® Furniture Award for the third consecutive year, in the category FSC Communication Award. In addition to the production of certified series models, is particularly rearded the commitment that Stosa has shown in conveying the certification assets on all its communication channels. Press conferences, live social talks and social influencers linked to the furniture sector: these are the projects promoted by Stosa to convey the values ​​of FSC®. We recall the events at the Corso Sempione flagship store in Milan with representatives of the press, and above all the talk with FSC Italy which took place in Milan during the Salone del Mobile.

The final ceremony of the FSC® Furniture Awards 2022 took place on October 28 in Milan, at the ADI Design Museum. At the round table chaired by Mauro Masiero (President of FSC Italia) and focused on the themes of sustainable production in the furniture sector in Europe, which hosted among others Jeremy Harrison (Chief Markets Officer FSC International), Maria Porro (President of the Salone del Mobile) and Diego Florian (Director of FSC Italy), followed by the award ceremony that saw Stosa triumph in the Communication category with the following mention:

“The award goes to a large Family-owned Italian company that has been producing quality Kitchens for over 55 years. Thanks to his commitment to sustainability, customers can now find many FSC-certified Kitchens among the company’s product range. It is FSC-certified since 2012 and joined FSC Italy’s webpartner program in 2021. This company made continuous investments in communication to strengthen the customer’s and media’s awareness on FSC. When targeting consumers, it embraced many different channels: from the more traditional ones like TV, to social media campaigns and innovative events with influencers active in the design-furniture world. During the 2022 Salone del Mobile in Milan, an Instagram live talk was held at the company’s booth to present the long collaboration with FSC, explaining what it means to be FSC certified and underlying the common values ​​between the two organizations. The influencer relaunched the event on their official profiles, giving great echo to the debate and to FSC. “

Always focused to the theme of sustainability and forests stewardship, Stosa Cucine continues to take concrete actions to make its production increasingly green, adopting solutions aimed at energy saving and reducing pollution and above all contributing to spreading the culture of eco-sustainability with communication campaigns in a market that is increasingly aware of the importance of these issues.

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