The beauty of a total white kitchen

3 April 2019

As a designer, I always look for interesting solutions and new functions, whereas, as a blogger, I tend to discover the last trends as far as the kitchen world is concerned. I would have never thought that a total white kitchen could strike me as strong: this new composition of Colour Trend deeply moved me, for its shape and its being both original and minimal at once.

This is because, as I always tell my customers and as my university teacher said: simplicity is the end point.

I’m deeply convinced of it: a minimal style never gets old, it’s somehow eternal. So, a minimal kitchen lasts forever and it is not affected by trends or fashions.

As far as the functions is concerned, this Color Trend composition is composed by a central isle and a series of parallel columns: two opposite elements to permit the movements inside the kitchen.


In the middle of columned wall, Stosa’s design team inserted a board in a total white nook. That’s how the container and the working board are perfectly balanced, both aesthtically and functionally, giving the sense of a refined and easy-to-live ambient.

So, comfort is the great protagonist of the project, thanks to the ergonomics and the simplicity of the kitchen, which, thanks to the column, has got a wide containing space.


Each door of the kitchen are lacquered white, while the top and the sides of the central isle are made of HPL calacatta: it results a storng and elegant contrast between the glam and pretious touch of the door and natural texture of the sides.


Another interesting choice is the dynamic between the depth of the door and the top: HPL calacatta creates a game of lines and thicknesses, changing the perception of weights and densities of the different materials. It aesthetically lightens the kitchen block, giving the sense of living in a simple and refined place.


Overall, the kitchen appears as a solid white box inside of a really dark space: a contrast curated in every single detail, until the choice of the white lacquered for the throat and the wainscot.

It immediately appears evident how the material can give the sense of a simple and linear composition.


The tension towards the simplicity, leading the idea of the composition, reflects also in the comfort of use: a kitchen permitting accesibility, versatility, elegance and glamour.

I’m deeply convinced that total white represents an icon, symbol of refinement and flexibility and able to adapt to every ambient.

Back to my costumers, keep in mind my words and the ones of my university teacher: in a design project, and in life in general, simplicity and refinement go along, showing beauty in its essence, with no need of adding other elements.

Carlotta Berta, unprogetto.com