Kitchen trend: white and wood

3 April 2019

As an interior designer, I often reflect on the current trends and the way they can turn into real ways of living. Fairs, magazines and catalogues make me observe which trends are actually telling a way of life.

While browsing Stosa Cucine magazines, I focused on the tendency of designing kitchens with a strong relation with the naturality of materials.

On one hand, the kitchen turns into the functional place, where experimenting gets together with technologies and highly-performing materials. On the other hand, this place becomes the place where staying together, relaxing and enjoying the company. That’s why the association of wood and light colours doesn’t surprise me.

A natural kitchen place is a light and warm ambient. It’s perfect for the ones who feel at ease in a silent and delicate place.

Let’s see some possibilities white-light wood.



Rewind is a really interesting kitchen: its carachteristic is the integrated handle with both a strong aesthetic impact and a delicate one.

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This version white-oak comes out like really defined and original.

The basis, the columns and the shelves are in a Opaque polimeric White and contrasts with the rolled oak Wafer board, 4 cm long.

The choice of the board results functional to intensify the contrast between the two surfaces and the natural effect of the kitchen.

It is a composition creating a modern aesthetic effect, with a reference to the tradition.



Replay represents the opposite choice: it’s made of polymeric Tibet Oak and on-sight elements painted in white with a Fenix white top.

In this case, the colour white turns into a detail, marking the ravine, the wainscoting, the top and integrating with the Nuage fume cupboard.

The Tibet oak is perfect for this composition with its light stripes and its soft tones: a neutral colour, light to the view combined with white.

The result is a harsh and delicate kitchen.



To the ones who can’t do without of mix and match: Infinity is the perfect choice.

The durmast ice columns matches with top and seatback, creating a division line between basis and shelves, made of Opaque White Absolute Pet. What’s interesting is the effect of depth between the basis and the columns, so that to expand the third dimension of the composition and the turn over of the finishings.




Here again mix and match, but with a more delicate result, thanks to Palo Alto, a bookshelf with clear lines, perfect for situations where Living and Kitchen are integrated and must communicate.

In the kitchen as well as the living room, the bookshelf is the functional element, where to put books, objects and dishes, or whatever is nice to show.

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Mix and Match is evident, but looks like uniform and flowing. It’s like this kitchen was created to be a union between Opaque White and Sahara durmast, with a strong vertical component, given by the composition and the wood slat.


I keep in mind three details when I design natural kitchens:

  1. Avoid the aluminium ravine and the wainscoting, which give the sense of artificial, instead of a natural ambient. I’d rather prefer a white lacquered, which enhances the details and enlights the kitchen.
  2. Opaque white is perfect to combine with light wood. This is the lesson by Finland, Alvar Aalto, and scandinavian tradition.
  3. Mix and match is interesting to the one looking for originality, but balance keep being the most important component. If you mix two different materials, lines and colour areas they becomes the priority of the project. Less is more, as usual.

Carlotta Berta, unprogetto.com