Kitchen and living: two places in a single place

3 April 2019

As interior designer, I often have to deal with different types of open spaces, which combine in a single space the kitchen and the living room.

Except for very rare cases, where the costumer wants separate rooms for kitchen and living room (often thanks to a glass partition), one of the most common sentence I hear is “let’s remove this wall, so that kitchen and living room turn into a single room!”

That’s the point when my eyes start twinkling because of the infinite possibilities and solutions this choice can offer.

I can simply imagine a couple. She’s sitting on the sofa after a long working day, while he’s preparing a risotto, talking about an article he recently read; Or, a group of friends who hang together for dinner and watch their favourite tv series; as welll as a young family, with two children laying the table, while the parents prepare dinner [or, better, parents try to survive to the working day, while children throw on them the cushions of the sofa].

Well, I start thinking to the life paths people could live inside their living rooms, to the full and empty spaces (fundamental elements of interior design) and to the function of every space.

Once we define each place, we move on to the selection of spaces: this is usually a crucial moment, because it allows to realize natural and harmonic combinations between kitchen and living room.

That’s why a totally got crazy for Metropolis, the new Stosa kitchen, permitting to combine original design, exclusive materials and a last generation technology.

Metropolis is easily customizable as far as colours and materials are concerned. Its dusty palette allows to design a coherent open space.

Similarly, the closet doors guarantee an elegant and balanced effect, thanks to their texture reminding of the wood veins, mortar, marble: that’s perfect for the kitchen as well as for the relax zone.

I suggest, for example, a composition made of Larice Sabbia together with Grigio Efeso, that could transform into Beige Arizona in the living room. Your home will turn into a soft place for your eyes and your touch, ideal for the ones who love nordic and cozy places.

Whatsmore, you could choose a Cemento Vulcano, Blu Fes and Nero Ingo, composition. Dedicated to business men who love lines and constrasts.

For the grey and natural colours lovers, there are Calacatta, Grigio Freddo e Grau, maybe surrounded by plants in total urban jungle style.

The attention Stosa has for the inside design aims to realize a total look, combining the door and the top colours with the ones of the interior. For example, I’d match a Rosé for the first solution, a Vulcan for the second and White for the last one.

Choosing among three colours for the bodywork is another aspect that deeply strucks me, permitting a better flexibility during the project:

Taking care of the invisible aspects could be decisive and becomes a good discovery beyond the appearances, in particular in those place,s like the living room, where we welcome our guests.

In the end, we must take into account the function. The living rooms with kitchens are always more often decreasing their space: that’s why Metropolis is a concrete help, for its high capacity and the well-organized inner spaces. Consequently, we’ll obtain aesthetically light kitchens, but with a good capacity, characteristics hard to find in other kitchens.

So, Metropolis is a really adaptable kitchen, perfect for a modern and elegant living-kitchen space, or even for people who are just realizing their single-kitchen room.

Carlotta Berta, unprogetto.com